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Favorite Rapper: 2Pac

When people ask me who my favorite rapper is, I always have to clarify—favorite or best? The difference is enormous. When people say "best," they usually mean most technically skilled in the art of rapping. You end up with a lot of Eminem, Biggie, and Nas, and 2Pac usually gets left out of that conversation.

But 2Pac had the kind of passion that very few rappers, or human beings for that matter, possess. When you watch the recent Kanye West interviews, you can feel the energy of someone who cares very deeply about what he does. 2Pac had that same energy, but he didn't just want to make good music or cool stuff for fans to consume—he wanted to change the world. 2Pac died at 25 years old, long before he had the opportunity to fulfill his potential, but that passion bleeds through everything he recorded.

In the Resurrection documentary, there's a quote that I think about every time I listen to 2Pac. He says, "I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world." Aspiring to be the best rapper in the world is impressive, but aspiring to change that world that all these other rappers live in? That's why I love 2Pac.