Who's your favorite rapper? It's an important question for any hip-hop fan. Here's the thing, there's a distinct difference between calling someone your favorite rapper and calling someone the Greatest of All Time (just like there's a distinct difference between being the Best Rapper Alive and the G.O.A.T.). Your favorite rapper doesn't actually have to be the best (though it helps if they're good). It boils down to personal choice. It highlights what you value as a rap fan. Plus, it's okay to be irrational about it—if you love someone because they're a hometown hero, it's all good. There is no wrong answer. 

We wanted to ask a group of rap fans who their favorite rapper was, so we hit up some of our favorite rap bloggers and rap writers from across the Internet to ask them, "Who is your favorite rapper of all time?" We got a bunch of responses and they routinely surprised us. Namely, not a single person chose popular G.O.A.T. contenders like Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, or even Rakim. Click ahead to find out who they did pick...

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