Definition: Beef over a woman
Example(s): Biggie vs. 2Pac (Faith), Jay vs. Nas ("You know who..."), Soulja Boy vs. Fabolous (Kat Stacks), Common vs. Drake (Serena), Chris Brown vs. Drake (Rihanna)

Love triangle beef isn't ever actually about the women as much as it is about pride. Tell a man you took his girl and no matter who she is or what their history is, he'll respond negatively. Soulja Boy and Fabolous beefed over Kat Stacks. Remember her? No. Remember that beef? Yes. There's a part in Jay Z's "Song Cry" about that kind of pride. ("You don't get a nigga back like that...") And while Hov shared that situation in a more somber tone, most of his fellow rappers aren't that intelligent or nice. They like to go for the juggular instead.