Definition: Beef that Ends a Career
Example(s): KRS-One vs. MC Shan, 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule

Rap beefs can end lots of different ways. A truce, a public handshake. A recording contract, and a joint appearance on a stadium stage. A bury-the-hatchet record. Or sometimes they just sort of fizzle out. Maybe someone wins and someone loses, or maybe no one wins or loses as much as the rival rappers and their fervid fans just get bored and everybody stop squawking at each other. But sometimes, every once in a long while, there is ultimate victory and ultimate defeat. MC Shan, hearing those ten piano notes from "The Bridge Is Over," over and over and over again, as he lies sleepless in his bed. Ja Rule, wondering how 50 did it-it all happened so fast, and now no one's answering the phone. Sometimes a beef ends a career. Game over.