It's getting colder. Winter's coming. Time to hunker down, settle in and start eating foods that will warm you up—and give you an extra layer of fat to keep you that way. Heavier food, rich food, comfort food. Like chili, like stew, like slow-cooking, long-simmering beef. 

The atmosphere in rap this year is in accordance with the seasons. "Nothing's been the same since they dropped "Control," said Kendrick Lamar, about the puglistic, name-naming verse he wrote for Big Sean's remix. And he's right. Countless response records, including what sure seems like a veiled dig on Drake's album, and, well, everyone's appetite is piqued.

What will happen? Where will this lead? What does the future hold? Who knows. We're hoping for some great, competitive rap music. (And, of course, that there be no physical ramifications for any of this. Sticks-and-stones, everyone. Always remember: Words are just words.)

Pondering how it might play out, we took a look back at historical precedent. All the types of rap beef we've seen before. Patterns take shape, categories become clear. We've broken them down for you. Cozy up with your crockpot and dig in: What's Beef? The 10 Types of Rap Beef.

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