Date: October 9
Grade: C

"Pap/The law librarian/Says a lot about you in you ain't feelin' him." Well, halfway through Papoose's freestyle over the "Pound Cake" beat, I was wondering what it said about me. Because his first verse, full of well-intentioned, but much too broad and vague historical references, and a claim to want to learn to speak Arabic so he could tell the Syria government to stop being so arrogant, well, I was really not feeling the rhymes. (The Syrian government gassed 1,400 of its own citizens to death in August. And, just this weekend, reportedly, executed 130 civilians. "Arrogant" is putting it sort of lightly, don't you think?)

Things got a little better in the second verse, when Pap replaced Jay's (and Rihanna's) "Cake-cake-cake-cake" with "Fake-fake-fake-fake," and went a nice little anti-materialist riff. But still, Papoose, we don't hate you. We respect your dedication to your craft, and your commitment to addressing serious topics in your songs. We respect that a lot. But if you want to really feel you, you have to rhyme better. — Dave Bry