Date: October 8
Grade: B

"They killed Dame set him on fire/And the crazy part, that nigga was choir/Nigga on obituaries like they're flyers." That's Meek Mill, who got saddled, somewhat unfairly, with the stigma of having fallen off last year. Because his official debut album didn't set the world on fire the way his mixtapes had. (Granted, the bids for radio fare on there disrupted the urgency we'd come to expect from Philly's finest.)

But the thing is, Meek Mill is a terrific rapper. The echo effect on his voice here makes it jump off the mellow atmospherics of Drake's "Pound Cake." Things bog down a bit when Spade-O joins him for the finish. There's a self-consciousness audible in Spade's exacting enunciation that a little off-putting. He needs to liquid up some. — Dave Bry