Date: September 25
Grade: B+

It says something about Lupe that he'll shout out Keef on a track even though Keef said he would smack the shit out of him. What that is, we don't know, but instead of listing a bunch of people that he made millionaires (which would be zero), he listed a number of prominent Chicago rap dudes. This on top of a bunch of wild Lupe lyrics like "It's manure if you new to the ways of the Lupester" actually makes for one of the more interesting "Pound Cake" remixes.

It's fashion raps ("Tailored Savile Row, or Mastermind Japan") mixed with some similes ("Deck full of spades, hold a mic like Bob Barker") and seemingly non sequitur lines like "Scramble to your pulpits and tell the preacher he legit." In some ways, Lupe is the opposite of Drake. He raps around himself instead of directly about himself like Drake does. In that way, Lupe's contribution to the ever increasing pool of bullshit remixes (no shots) is a necessary one. — Alexander Gleckman