Who is Niko Javan?

I honestly had no clue who this cat was until I met him at TomorrowWorld when I watched him hand out AK47-shaped USBs with his music on it (GENIUS). It seems like I need some stronger coffee so I can wake the fuck up because not only did this Miami native play the Trap Stage at TomorrowWorld (which you can download right now), but his production is nothing to sleep on. He’s already had a mixtape featured on Mad Decent, and he continues to pump out tracks that are super energetic and “twerk-worthy” (Yep, I just went there, I just said “twerk-worthy”). Recently he literally woke up and decided to create two free remixes before breakfast, I can’t even function to put my shoes on right before breakfast but anyway, here’s the end result:

Creating these two 100 bpm remixes of Die Antwoord’s “Evil Boy” and Luke’s “I wanna Rock,” his unique production style is something that stands out and something I had to share Keep your eye on this guy, thank me later when your inner-hipster can brag about how you knew of Niko Javan before it was cool.