One of our jobs here at Do Androids Dance is to bring you music first, the relatively unknown and the highly under-rated artists out there who would otherwise slip under the radar. I strive to do this all the time and it’s unreal how sometimes I have to look no further than my own hometown here in Orlando, FL. Case and point: K1K0.

If you ever have the opportunity to catch this guy spin, he’s just nasty, cuts and scratches that make him look like he came from Craze’s loins paired with this crazy energy from beginning to end that gets the crowd wild. And while he took a few months hiatus from producing, K1K0 is back at it again giving us a premiere of his balls-to-the-walls bootleg of GTA & LA Riots take on Nero's “Crush on You.” I know what you’re thinking: “a remix of a remix?" I thought the same thing but this rework takes a song from a year ago (two years if you consider the original) and brings it to the now, crazy ass builds that lead to a trapped out first drop, and in the second bringing crazy elements of freestyle and booty bass that completely caught me off guard. To sum it up, I’ve already added this to my crates and I’m foaming at the mouth to drop this baby, and luckily you can too. Be sure to listen and download and keep K1K0 in your radar, super eager to hear what this guy has in store for the future.