Nadus is a 22-year-old from Newark that everyone should know.  His output is already incredibly respectable.  But as he and I have gotten to know each other over the past year, he's slowly leaking me files that he's loading up for his next wave.  To the public eye, he's been on a steady stride.  I know a different story; one of a young man looking to push barriers in club music.  The production has gone from fantastic to breathtaking, and the stylings interlace melody and feeling into tempos that lack these traits.

I also know know that for some reason or another, he's landed back in Newark.  He was roomates with Sliink for a while and not far from his manager Dirty South Joe in Philadelphia, and has chosen to head back home to be closer to his family and his booking agent.  I would surely be confused if in these shoes.  When he shot me a link to his latest record, "Pussy Mine," I was scratching my head.  The track was incomplete, and I felt that something deeper was going on.  It was time to sit down with him and pick his brain.

Your latest upload could be taken as a troll, but you messaged me saying you're thinking of moving beyond music. Where are these feelings coming from?
Just being back home. Seeing shit I used to see as a kid… I didn't like it. The murders, the crazy shit. Lil' 12-year-olds shooting at cops, 14-year-olds being found with 30 bricks of heroin, all that crazy shit. I've just been feeling like a lot of shit needs to be fixed, and nobody's fixing it. The mayor isn't doing shit, and the council isn't either. It's annoying. It's frustrating. I'm upset and scared for my city.... for the people around me. My peers. The culture. Everything.

But some look to Cory Booker as a hero for Newark... what do you mean when you say he's not doing anything?
He isn't doing shit. He's preparing to be president.

You told our Editor-In-Chief khal that you were considering running for office in Newark. What would you want to accomplish for your hometown?
Just peace. I’m not saying it's gonna happen overnight because nothing does, and I’m not saying I’m about to play Superman. I’m not Clark Kent and Newark, New Jersey isn’t Metropolis, but standing up on podiums making statements and taking pictures with hurt families doesn’t solve anything. They expect for us to be civilized when there's nothing civilized here to do. There are no recreational centers or Boys and Girls Clubs. Places that kept me out of trouble when I was growing up. Places like that kept me off the streets when I was out of school and my mom was at work. I want to give these kids something to do. Something to look forward to. Yes, to the world Cory Booker looks like a saint. But I feel like he's helping bring people to the city, not help the people that already live here. I feel like I can shed a lot more light on the conditions of my city as a person that is actually from here. Keep in mind you’re interviewing me because I make music and not because I’m a young male from Newark…

You're on a relatively solid path musically, signed to a booking agency and well-respected within the industry. Where do your doubts lie?
I don't have any doubts. And that statement isn’t coming from arrogance. I just don't have that kind of outlook on myself. I believe in the people that have been built around me just as much as they believe in me. It’s all just a matter of patience.

A lot of young producers look up to people in your position. What's one thing you would like to let them know about the music game?
Just never get complacent. Ever. No matter how successful you may feel, keep working and try to keep it fun. Do it because you love it and never for the money... that will come when it comes.

You've sent me a stack of collaborative records with Sliink that have yet to be released. Do you think your position in this industry will change when these tunes come out?
I don't know. I don't think so. Me and Stacey have always been kinda left-hand and right-hand for a minute.

But the masses don't necessarily connect the dots and place you two together?
It's not for the masses to connect. He is his own individual and I am mine. That’s’ my brother. That’s family, and it just so happens when we make music together its really fucking good. In time the dots will connect, but I don’t think that’s a goal either one of us are actually putting our energy into. Stuff like that just happens.

Why do you think music platforms are taking so long to figure out out why you are relevant?
I don’t know. ‘Cause I live in Newark? (laughs). The only things they relate to my city are violence and Shaq (laughs).

And carjackings

I mean not to joke, but it was known as the carjacking capitol for years.
For the record, I've never stolen a car.

HAHA I didn't even think to ask. THREAD pops off in Newark. Surely that's a positive outlet for artistic development and a sense of community?
That’s what we've been trying to build, yes.

Do you feel that club producers have a harder time finding their place in the music industry? We’ve never really had a superstar.
Yeah. There isn’t really an outlet in Jersey for the industry. We don’t have the radio outlets like New York, Philly, and Baltimore. The local newspapers don’t really look our way, either.

Well, it’s funny that you mention just Jersey. I've always thought that collaboration between Philly, Jersey, and Baltimore club artists would be a good look for the scene if everyone could leave their egos at the door. Do you think it's possible for this to happen?
It's happened before. No egos. PBJ has happened. And its always the same dude behind it.. Joe. And I'm not saying that because he's my manager, but Dirty South Joe has so much of this industry beat mentally it's crazy.

I'm not familiar with PBJ? Clue me in...
Mad Decent and Red Bull collaborated on an event in Philly at G Lounge where Joe managed to get Swizzymack and Sega from Philadelphia, James Nasty and Murder Mark from Baltimore, and Sliink and myself all on one bill.

Ah yeah, the show that happened last winter. Why did that only happen once?
I don’t know.

If your career were to end today, what would you want people to remember?
That music has no rules.  Goonies Never Say Die. And how ‘bout dem Cowboys.

Do you think achieving stardom will give you more leverage in your quest for change?
Possibly. I don’t wanna be that kid that’s like "When I get on imma give back". Like.. nah. I wanna give back NOW.

And that's it on the questions... do you mind if I end with "Higher"?