Mr. MFN eXquire re-released his mixtape Kismet: Blue Edition, and the extended project includes the bonus song "Untitled" featuring Chance The Rapper.

The Chicago MC's lyricism here is as flashy as ever, marked with a signature "Igh!" before his voice steps onto the record. "Kiss my ass in case you get this, get the kitchen supplies/Dishes, washers, wishing water was delicious as wine/Well aware of when and where and who nigga did the crime/Digits, smidgets, you know numbers tell the vicious' lies," he raps over Dot Da Genius' layered production.

There's a subtle hint of Chance revealing his feelings toward record labels here. "Numbers tell the vicious' lies" pairs with a later line, "I can't fall for the offer." He then sings on the hook, "Justify your love/Justify the blood/Once you find your love/Don't get lost." His love in this case would be music. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Chance said he may never sign a record deal after the immense independent success he received with Acid Rap. Now, those labels can 'kiss his ass,' as he ceremoniously raps. 

Listen below:

[via FSD]

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