Atlanta rapper Money Makin' Nique drops his mixtape Guyana Gold tomorrow, October 3, but, to get people really hyped about it, he's shared a song about how he's not anything particularly special. "I Ain't Shit" is calm and understated, and the lush beat by Count Justice is the perfect match for the effortless lyrical styles of Nique and fellow Atlanta up-and-comers Key! and ForteBowie.

Key! tears through runs of rhymes like "I got a bitch to comfort me and her boobies real/Brain do be ill/Sometimes I be so trippin' like 'dude be chill'/My life like movie reel/Tossin' and turnin' in my sleep she's like 'boo be still" on the opening verse without breaking a sweat, while Nique offers self-deprecating takes on his relationships with the opposite sex like "I know I ain't shit whether you say it or not/The audacity of me to juggle your heart with your twat." It may be the most low-key thing ever, but the trio manages to still turn it into an event.

Guyana Gold is out tomorrow. Check out "I Ain't Shit" below:

[via Noisey]

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