When word came down that Melé's Melé Vanelé Volume 2 would be a "video game-themed mixtape," I wasn't sure what to expect. This isn't as wild of a video game fantasy as Joker's Sega Joker Drive compilation, but with the transitions and vibe of the project, you can tell that someone who's spent time fighting bad guys in many different games was behind this, even if it's just in the short samples that play as interludes between each track. Regardless, these tracks are fire. We've been told that this is a sample of what you can expect from his forthcoming EP, and we truly hope some of these are included on the project because... wow. Dude's on fire, to put it plainly. Loads of bass music beasts on here, just sick for no real reason. You can download the split tracks HERE, and stream the full project below.


01 - Allstar Intro
02 - DMX
03 - The Thunder Claps
04 - Fantazia
05 - Buss Up
06 - Ferrari Interlude/Snake Don Skit
07 - Bobby Womack
08 - Streets Of Rage 2
09 - Wha
10 - All Red Everything
11 - Purple Flowers
12 - Final Boss Outro

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