It is said that good things come in threes, and the Make A Livin’ EP by Mark Pritchard is the completion of that trinity. The final EP in this series is actually a lead-in to a full length that’s arriving in early 2014, and if you have been paying attention to the past two releases (Ghosts and "Lock Off"), they all tell the same story – a very strong blend of jungle, footwork, 4/4 and 8-bit bleeps and blips that are signature to the sound Pritchard brings, and also the trademark of the classic Warp sound that has been a staple throughout the decades; Nothing less would be expected from a top label.

Mark’s EP is out on November 11 with pre-orders available via Bleep, and title track utilizes one of the most known (and misnamed) samples in hip-hop: "Heaven and Hell is on Earth" by the 20th Century Steel Band. No stealing, slackers – we see you.


01 Make A Livin’
02 Fabulous Fred
03 Jack
04 Natty