Are Lupe Fiasco and Childish Gambino friends or enemies?

The two exchanged in a Twitter back-and-forth back in the summer, which Lupe eventually clarified was a joke. However, when Gambino went on air with the Breakfast Club yesterday, the rapper and actor never clarified that it was indeed a fake beef, only saying that his eventual response was a verbatim quoting of Chief Keef's infamous tweet aimed at Lupe back when they had Twitter beef. He accused Lupe of "sneak dissing" him because he wasn't a street dude, unlike Keef.

This morning, Lupe (whose account remains private), once more jumped back on Twitter to respond to Gambino. According to Lupe, he doesn't sneak diss at all, and not only that, Gambino's sneak dissing accusation was a sneak diss itself. Lupe concluded by saying that he watches more anime than Gambino.

Will Gambino respond to this? Or will this bizarre exchange just fade away like the last one?

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