I seriously have a shit-eating grin every time Kr∆mpfh∆ft appears on my SoundCloud stream. The Guerilla Speakerz make some wild music, too, so the combination is surely to be mind-blowing. They are making some of the most exciting and forward thinking music today.

We showed Kr∆mpfh∆ft love with our pre-trap feature, and if you're not up on it, listen to his June 2011 release "Perfect Gain Structure." Now compare that to some of the stuff you hear today, like say RL Grime & Salva's wonderful Warp Records-released remix of Jamie Liddell's "What A Shame" and you can hear the sonic similarities - highlighting Kr∆mpfh∆ft's brilliance. "Perfect Gain Structure" was released on Saturate! Records (a ridiculously good label I wish I could keep for myself), and that links to their collaborators for this track. The Guerilla Speakerz have done their own more upbeat approach with heavy rave and techno synths combined with hip-hop and trapped-out rhythms and arrangements.  Like Kr∆mpfh∆ft, they've released on Saturate! as well as Drop The Lime's NYC mainstay imprint Trouble & Bass.

For their collaboration, the two sides make a humongous-sized tribal monster.  Minimal, but hard-hitting. A rapper could be dropped on this in an acapella in your sets, but it isn't necessary, as this bangs perfectly on its own.