Kenna is back with a new song called "Love Is Still Alive." The song, produced and written by Kenna, finds the Grammy-nominated artist pining after a woman he is trying to pursue. "All I reall want is you," Kenna says in the song. "You're all that I want." Meanwhile, the groovy production has electro elements infused into it.

"Love Is Still Alive" appears on Kenna's upcoming EP, Imitation Is Suicide Chapter 2, which will be released October 22. This follows the release of Imitation Is Suicide Chapter 1 in September. The final chapter of the trilogy will come out later this fall.

“This chapter of Imitation [Is Suicide] is the heartbreak chapter of the series. Everybody goes through it and inevitably you realize that love continues to exist like atoms and energy," Kenna said. “This is one of my favorite songs because it’s a reminder that there is always something to live for.”

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