No Kanye West show is complete without a quotable, and the Oakland stop of his ongoing Yeezus tour earlier this week was no exception. At some point during his set, Kanye took the opportunity to go on one of his classic rants. It started with him talking about the media and its intentions of getting people to villify him. However, Kanye suggested that the crowd gathered for the concert was proof that this was not working. "We are more powerful than the media today," Kanye said. "I control the media. I get on TV shows and do what the fuck I want, when I want, how I want. My way."

Kanye then switched topics to talk about being put in a box, something he has repeatedly spoken out about for several months now. He used the example of how his dentist tried to create parallels between dentist school and being in the studio to tell stories, something that infuriates him. "I mean, I understand motherfucking English," Kanye said. He then went on to say:

"People try to box you into this thing of, in your lifetime all you can be is this one thing. But when you were two years old, if you wanted to sing then you would motherfucking sing. And if you wanted to ride a bike, you would ride that shit, and if you wanted to color, you would color. But as you get older, and you get put into this motherfucking box, everybody says that you can't be another thing or have another dream."

Kanye ended the rant by singing, "But some people can do anything. Raise your hands if you believe you can do anything." And this is where Kanye is striking a chord with a lot of people during his recent interviews and quotes about breaking out of the box and the barriers that have been put in his way as he tries to succeed in industries outside of music. People naturally want to dream and believe that they can do anything. Kanye channels that creative frustration and that ambition and ignites that spirit with his natural fervor. It is very easy to relate on some level to what Kanye is saying.

Tonight, the Yeezus tour heads to Los Angeles and the Staples Center. This will likely be a big night for opening act Kendrick Lamar, as it is a homecoming show for him.

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