You read that right. Before Kanye West performed "Jesus Walks," he brought out a Jesus look-alike and had a playful conversation with him. The crowd certainly got a laugh out of it. Kanye asked: "White Jesus, is that you?" Oh, shit," before playfully apologizing for his language. Jesus then told 'Ye that he's not here to punish him, but to help him. As Jesus exited, the lights dimmed and "Jesus Walks" blared through the speakers as Kanye got into his 2004 hit single.

Jesus would later return at the end of the show, appearing at the top of the mountain. Kanye and the women performers onstage bowed to Jesus while the sample from "On Sight"—Holy Name of Mary Choral Family's "Sermon (He'll Give Us What We Really Need)"—looped until they walked off the stage and the show ended.