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The Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West fued is coming to a head, and it's coming tonight. But what'll happen?

Background: Last month, the BBC's now-infamous interview between Zane Lowe and 'Ye aired (you can watch each of the four parts here, here, here, and here). Needless to say, like every Kanye interview, it made some waves, especially as it was televised. Kanye was—to be fair—at his most Kanye, for better or worse. A few nights later, Jimmy Kimmel spoofed the interview on his show. In place of Lowe and West, two children sat by a mixing board—just like in Lowe's interview —and read quotes from Kanye and Lowe.

Naturally, Kanye West wasn't psyched on this. He responded on twitter, and soon a feud was born. 

And now, the inevitable conclusion: After repeatedly explaining that this wasn't a set-up or hoax between the two, it was announced that West will be appearing on Kimmel's show, tonight. 

To prepare you, we've come up with a helpful list of likely outcomes. Here are 9 Things That Might Happen When Kanye Goes On Kimmel.

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