Hucci, you've outdone yourself. I don't know what I was expecting; for a producer that spent a lot of time in the trap realm finding different ways to perfect his sound using practically the same samples and drums, it's great to hear Rose Gold, which finds the 17-year-old UK trap prodigy expanding on his sound. Did he rewrite the playbook? Hell no. He's still blasting those 808s and throwing in his signature name drops, but the samples he's layering around them are things of beauty. Again, for a scene that can get so stagnant, it's great to be blown away with a sack full of freshness. Maybe Rose Gold is the imaginary name of the weed that symbolizes the euphoria Hucci's music induces. Whatever the case may be, preview "Lullaby," "Cashmere," and "Mafia," then stream tracks three and four while you grab your free download of Rose Gold.

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