ak9 is from Lodz, Poland, and seems to be bored with single genres. Starting off sounding like it could be an official remix for Baauer and Just Blaze's "Higher," "GØÐ" starts off as a punchy bounce record. The second drop though is the money shot. It drops into a hard style foundation with the nuttiest synths, then breathes a bit as it transitions into a trap tune.

But after poking around a bit, we find that this producer isn't a one trick pony, and he has a stack of incredible shit up for download. Most of the heart in his records comes from his insane synths, but they're tucked into varying genres. Below you will find tunes that are dubstep, trap, and electro. It's all available for free download via ak9's facebook. Our thanks to DustLA for hipping us to this incredible producer.

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