Cee Lo Green was tonight's guest on "Conan," which meant, naturally, that he had to team up with the rest of Goodie Mob for a rendition of "Amy," off of their new album Age Against The Machine. And if there's one thing that aging against the machine is all about, it's putting on a themed late night performance that kicks the shit out of the average Good-looking Band Standing Around performance.

Fittingly, Goodie Mob showed up dressed in studded leather jackets and brought a poker table and couch on stage to create the ideal atmosphere for re-enacting their song, which is about getting intimate with a white girl for the very first time. Playing up the absurdity and flashing signs that read "My Very First" and "White Girl," the group delivered the kind of impassioned, funny performance that these young guns are too busy being serious to muster. Oh, and the musical part, carried mostly by Cee Lo's singing, goes too. It must be those leather jackets.

Check out the video above.

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