This has to be some of the best material to drop this week. Not too long ago, Zane Lowe had Gesaffelstein on his show to debut the next single from Aleph, "Hate Or Glory." He also spoke on getting into hip-hop and how Kanye reacted when he first heard the instrumental for "Send It Up" (Kanye liked it a lot more than Gesaffelstein assumed he would). In any case, DIVISION (the people behind the brilliant "Pursuit" video and the clip for Brodinski's "Gimme Back The Night") put together a video for "Hate Or Glory," and it's definitely a stark contrast from that odd clip. This plays more like The Wire, only with a tragic tale about one man's quest for gold, soundtracked by Gesaffelstein's hard-hitting brand of techno. This track knocks, and is a perfect bed for this twisted tale. Aleph's out on October 28.

(Nest HQ)