Toronto's Free n Losh are some of the most exciting and unique producers in electronic music today. Ever since kicking off their journey in July 2011, the Toronto-native duo has time after time delivered thought-provoking and inventive music. Their newest offering, A World Within, is a testament to the duo's ever-evolving signature sonic style as they delve deeper and take us on a awe-inspiring ride, evoking an emotion and imagery reminiscent of classic American cinema, and more specifically, 1980's family science-fiction films like E.T.  Over the course of five tracks, Free n Losh explores (and reinteprets) their roots in jazz, classic psychedelic rock, hip-hop, r&b, and electronic music as well as more contemporary elements from trap, dubstep, and the future bass/beats scenes.  Though each of these inspirations and elements may be more subtle then the last, there's no doubt that Free n Losh has truly synthesized their influences of the past, their taste for the present, and their vision for the future.

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