Steve French is the name of of a marijuana addicted cougar from an episode of the Canadian television show, Trailer Park Boys, that originally aired in 2004. One of the Boys, Bubbles, names the cougar Steve French after discovering it has been destroying their marijuana plants. Not sure there is a documented reason that Flux Pavilion and Steve Aoki decided to name their recent collaboration after this pot nabbing cougar, maybe just because it is a silly thing to do. There may be some deeper meaning, but after too much contemplation, let's just say the title is a nod to the television show.

An odd pairing? Steve Aoki and Flux Pavilion? Flux fans don't seem to happy about the collaboration in the comments on SoundCloud, to be perfectly honest. And I can't say that on paper it makes a ton of sense. It is definitely deviates from the classic dubstep riffs and strong deep vocals Flux fans are used to hearing, and it seems as though Aoki's house beats and typical intermittent soundbyte paired with the melodic synth typical to Flux works in some weird way. Bassheads are probably going to prefer Flux's classic sounds to this more experimental track.

Something more up their sleeve might be the collaboration we posted last week, "I'm the One," with Dillon Francis. Still an upbeat track, it just seems to hit a little harder and move more like traditional Flux.

There is no denying that this 24-year-old Brit is a marvel of an artist, anyone who has seen him live can attest to his resounding stage presence and infectious, lovable personality. Beneath the screams to the crowd, a bellowing voice, and distinctive bleach blond hair, there is a monstrously talented studio producer highly dedicated to the integrity of his product, his art, the music.

He is currently slaughtering audiences with one arm in a sling on his Freeway Tour, and making it look easy. Flux and his label, Big Beat/Atlantic Records, announced both on Twitter and Facebook that the highly anticipated EP, Freeway, the same name as his current tour, will be released November 11. Flux even provided a track listing for what will be his second EP released in 2013:

1. Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki - Steve French
2. Flux Pavilion feat. Rosie Oddie - Gold Love
3. Flux Pavilion and Dillon Francis - I'm The One
4. Flux Pavilion - Freeway
5. Flux Pavilion feat. Turin Brakes - Mountains and Molehills

He admits that this EP, although a little variant from the traditional dubstep we are used to hearing from him, will remain true to his sound. Will we have to wait until mid-November to hear the other three tracks and find out?

Maybe only Steve French knows the answer to that.