What a difference a year makes. Around this time in October of 2012, Flosstradamus was in the middle of releasing their three-EP X series, and the release of the second installment of X touched a nerve in the hardstyle community, with producers like Showtek and Headhunterz calling Flosstradamus out for sampling their hardstyle tracks and making them trap beasts. Headhunterz himself even sent out the following tweet:


Well, it looks like bygones are bygones, as Headhunterz himself tweeted a picture with Flosstradamus in the studio. The obvious speculation is that they're working on something, but without much more context that the picture, we don't have anything to really go on. We know that Flosstradamus has signed with Ultra, and you can make whatever assumptions on what that might mean for them if you want to. As of right now, we just have a picture that shows that all drama can be swept under the rug at some point. Good for them.


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