Bass music: it's what for dinner. You can't hate on bass music, and one of the duos you should be involved with is 601, who hail from Yorkshire. They've been collaborating for years, but truly hit their stride in 2009, which saw the release of their Dirty North, which lead to the duo doing everything from performing at the Glade festival to having their material signed to APE Music, Sub Slayers, and Passenger, who is releasing their new single "Pixelate" on October 6 with a remix from Passenger label heads Aquasky.

For their contribution to the Five Tracks series, we catch a glimpse at what's moved 601, from their early days digging the sample-heavy hip-hop productions of the Bomb Squad to the post-hardcore, pre-drum & bass classics, along with some other timeless material. Here are 601's Five Tracks.

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