For some strange reason, fans sometimes get it in their head that it's a good idea to jump on stage when an artist is performing. We have no idea what possess them to do something so reckless—though if we had to guess, we'd say it's probably a combination of drugs, alcohol, and general stupidity. We know what happens when fans come on stage: They get tossed off. Simple as that. If a fan made it to the stage, it means security wasn't doing their job. But once you're on stage, security is quick to make up for their previous shortcomings. In other cases, the artists take matters into their own hands.

We can't speak for the old days, but we'll go ahead and assume that people have been running up on stages ever since stages have existed. However, in the last 10 years or so, camera phones have become apart of every day life. And in the past few years, camera phones from being totally crappy to pretty decent. So much so that it's impossible to go to a show and not see a sea phones in the air. Sure, it's annoying as hell (it's also pointless and ruins the show but that's another story) but when someone runs up on stage, best believe someone catches it and posts it to YouTube within hours. So thanks to all those grainy videos we can bring you A Recent History of Fans Getting Bodied On Stage...

Written by Brian Brooks

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