I usually write artists up that have been bubbling and giving their shit out for free in my "Half A Dozen" series. It's a great way to reward a producer with a little press push for giving their work away for nothing, and a great way for fans to find free records from artists they might not be familiar with. These are all tunes that I love and play in my car and DJ sets. But I was poking around a giant email thread last night, and realized that Evol Intent are in the middle of something really unconventional.

If you're unaware, this is a trio consisting of Gigantor, The Enemy, and Knick, producers that you now know as Computer Club, Treasure Fingers, and Bro Safari (respectively). And as these guys clean up a stack of new records, it seems Gigantor has taken to providing remastered copies of their old tunes for a throwback Thursday to make any drum & bass enthusiast giddy. We have no clue how long this cascade of goodies will last, but there are a dozen records in here that are available for free download. Snag these up!!

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