Elite releases his new record "Do She Got a Friend Tho?" featuring Bas.

The record is produced by Elite, and may sound very familiar if you're a fan of Dreamville Records. As Elite explained to Complex a few months back, J. Cole sampled this song for the standout record "Let Nas Down" off his acclaimed sophomore album Born Sinner.

While "Let Nas Down" was a scathing open letter from Cole about how he disappointed his rap idol Nas, Elite and Bas take a more playful approach as they're on the prowl to find a few ladies for the night. Over upbeat drums and that catchy saxophone melody Elite raps, "I'm a fuckin' handful, she gon' need some hand soap/Fat ass skinny waist lookin' like a banjo." This is a new anthem for that Friday night out on the town. Just make sure you have a good wingman by your side.

"Do She Got a Friend Tho?" is the first single from Elite's upcoming mixtape Level Up, which will be released November 20. The salacious artwork was designed by HALDI, who was also behind the art direction of Life Is Good by Nas and Rihanna's Loud.

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