If you're like anything like the androids at DAD HQ, you like to devour any piece of content or insight or info when it comes to our favorite artists, and the scene over all. Unlike the old days in which we had to resort to record store meet and greets, today fans have an unprecedented amount of access. From social media mainstays like Facebook and Twitter, to blog interviews, androids everywhere eat all of it up. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable sources of this is the ever-so entertaining and often in-depth AMA on Reddit.

For those who don't know, an AMA is in many ways like a Town Hall Q&A style in which members of the Reddit.com community ask a variety of questions over any number of topics. Tradtionally, AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything," so theoretically no question is out of bounds, but as you can gather from the format, users can easily pick and choose which questions they like. With that said, users of the community come from around the world and of all types of backgrounds, so it's only natural that DJs have co-opted the format to spread their gospel, spread tips, and just connect with their fans. Here's a list of every EDM-related AMA, so far.