Earlier this year, Drake was basically crowned the King of Social Media. That title may not carry as much weight as King of New York. But hey, he's also the King of Google Trends (at least for now). Granted, Drake's reign of the Internet might have something to do with the fact that everyone (including us) loves to clown him. But whether we love him or hate him, it seems that a lot us definitely feel something strong enough about him to make us hit social media to let the world know about it.

The social media report—which we found on USA Today of all places—looks at which rappers have the most significant social conversations across everything from Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs, etc. Drake was ranked No. 1, nearly doubling the total of Kanye West. In fact, Drake is more popular on social media than Kanye and Jay-Z combined and only slightly less popular than Kanye and his mentor Lil Wayne combined. Check out the stats below:

1. Drake – 46,212,641
2. Kanye West – 25,418,362
3. Lil Wayne – 22,052,209
4. Rick Ross – 16,113,915
5. Jay-Z – 16,022,820

So, how can one man have all that power? We asked our friends over at Twitter Music to check out how influential Nothing Was The Same was on social media and they sent back a detailed report. Unsurprisingly, once the album leaked, his mentions went crazy. Drake may not think Twitter is real, but Drake is very real to Twitter. Find out just how much...

Written by Lauren Nostro (@LAURENcynthia)

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