Before DJ Clark Kent started producing hits for The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z and rocking crowds across the globe, he was Rodolfo Franklin, a young and ambitious kid from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. In ComplexTV's latest episode of "The Neighborhood," he gives us an in-depth look on how he came up in New York and shares some amazing stories along the way.

Kent takes us to a specific block in Crown Heights that became infamous for people getting robbed at any given time of the day. "Some people knew what time it was, so they just held their bag tighter. But then you had the people who just didn't understand it," he says."They were like, 'Why did I get robbed?' I'm like, don't you see what's hanging out here when you walking past the block? There's like 20 little gremlins out here. They hungry, they gonna eat."

He then heads over to Lincoln Terrace Park. This is the site where a teenage Clark Kent was given the opportunity to show off his DJ skills for the first time in front of a crowd thanks to local legend DJ Grandmaster Flowers. "I took my moment, and he let me rock for about an hour," he recalls. "That moment was the moment I was absolutely sure that I was doing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Rest in peace to the great Grandmaster Flowers. Thank you for changing my life."

Watch the full clip above as Clark Kent also takes us to his former studio spot where he recorded songs with Biggie and Jay Z, as well as his favorite beef patty joint in Crown Heights. A nice reunion occurs near the end as he meets a longtime friend walking around his old stomping grounds.

For More DJ Clark Kent check out the episode of Quickstrike below: 

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