2013, in part, has been owned by Disclosure. From releasing their critically-acclaimed debut album Settle to having this album be nominated for the 2013 Barclaycard Mercury Prize? On top of taking the U.S. and Europe by storm with their distinct live show? Yeah, it's safe to say that Disclosure delivered on all fronts. The next single from Settle, the London Grammar-featured "Help Me Lose My Mind," is due out on October 28, and the new video for this chill track has hit the Internets today. If you're not familiar with the UK TV show Skins (which was brought to America via MTV and cancelled after one season), you're missing out; it featured kids going through all kinds of life struggles and debauchery. While this video isn't quite Skins, it feels damn-near close. Kids getting their fix in the club, while in love? Yeah we'd say this is kind of intense of a visual, and there is a "parental advisory" on it. Some of the shots in this are beautiful, and crazy. Great visual trip, and a loose, loving story to boot. Another win.

EDIT It looks like this video got taken down. We'll see if it resurfaces...

EDIT PMR has released a statement on why the video was taken down. Spoiler alert: because drugs.