Last week, Disclosure released a video for their latest Settle single, "Help Me Lose My Mind," which ended up being pulled from their YouTube page due to concerns about the use of drugs in the video. This prompted PMR to release a statement apologizing for its "glamorization" of drugs. In a recent interview with RevoltTV, Disclosure flat-out said that while there was a "sense of euphoria" in the video that might have people thinking that there was drug use in the video, the video "doesn't contain any drug using at all." I saw the video before it got taken down, and there's definitely a scene where the couple in the video do share a kiss while one of them has a pill on their tongue, but is that glamorization? Disclosure says that while they agreed with the decision to take the video down, they weren't a part of it, as they're not into glamorizing drugs. For the time being, there could be another visual representation for the video, but at the time there's no plans to have a new video out.

Interesting addition to this story.