As any reputable maker of Motown box sets or New Age compilations of waterfall noises will tell you, it's not easy getting peoples' attention. That, of course, is why any self-respecting album should come with an infomercial.

Detroit rapper Denmark Vessey knows this too, and he does wonders with the form in promoting his upcoming album, Cult Classic. With cutaways to videos for "Cult Classic,"  "They Schweepy" and "smash hit 'Hoein' In The Garden'" ("HoeininDaGaddaDaVida" on the actual release), the infomercial gives listeners (and call-in orderers) a great idea of what to expect. Namely, the audio equivalent of this:

Once again. Real hip-hop:

Cult Classic, which is entirely produced by Scud One and features contributions from Guilty Simpson and Quelle Chris, is out November 12 at exactly 9:10 a.m. Check out the infomercial above.

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