Mixtape: Fresh Out of Jail
Producer: Unknown

Not to be confused with the Spitta also known as Curren$y, Spitta is also from Louisiana. The Baton Rouge MC has a rap style that is packed with punchlines, but delivered in a way that makes him seem super threatening, so you're sorta afraid to laugh, because he's that serious. His delivery reminds me of a few different rappers who would deliver their bars with an unexpectedly lengthy panache. Think Mitchy SlickYoung Zee, or Mac Dre. But unlike those three, his flow has a distinctly Baton Rouge ferocity. The whole tape is packed with knee-slapping wordplay delivered with unblinking viciousness.

We considered posting "Probation & Parole," for "Them hollow-tips loud, they don't know how to mute/Your main bitch know I shot you but she still think I'm cute." (He follows this up with a "One time at band camp..." joke.) But in the end, we had to go to "Bust Ya Head," despite its brevity and only containing one of the rapper's 16s. This is partly because of the beat switch-up after the chorus, but mostly because of the following couplet: "The clip curved like a macaroni/Put a hole in you and your bride, hole-y matrimony."