Danny Brown has been on an extensive touring cicruit in 2013. With his album, Old, in stores this Tuesday, he was booked to open up for Pretty Lights, who just released A Color Map Of The Sun this summer, on a couple of spot dates this weekend. However, after the first of two dates in St. Louis, things have taken a turn for the worst, resulting in the two artists performing at separate venues tonight in Nashville.

According to Danny, the show was "trash" due to an inept soundman. According to Pretty Lights, Danny's set was weak because in his anger at the lack of crowd response, he allegedly threw his microphone into the crowd. While the two accounts varied online, the resulting barbs exchanged between the two men on Twitter led to Danny insisting that he would not perform at tonight's Pretty Lights concert in Nashville.

However, Danny decided that he would go to Nashville despite seemingly having the day off. At first he was just scouring the city for some barbeque. However, shortly after the fued simmered down somewhat, Danny announced that he now had a performance slated for tonight at a different venue from Greer Stadium, where Pretty Lights is performing. Instead, Danny will take the stage at Seen Nashville around 1AM.

Brown's next tour date appears to be an October 25 performance at the Aragon Entertainment Center in Chicago. Following that he will be in Las Vegas for the Life Is Beautiful Festival on October 27. Who else is performing for that festival? Pretty Lights, of course.

[via DAD]

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