Have you been listening to the new Danny Brown album, Old? It goes on sale at record stores today, but it's been available for streaming on Spotify since last week. I have been listening to it and enjoying it immensely.

But then, I would. I love rap music. And I loved the Detroit rapper's last album, XXX, which came out in 2011. So I am an easy target.

Danny Brown is 32. A little old for a rapper who just recently achieved national recognition. But not, like, ancient. The name of the album has more to do with the fact that a lot of people from Detroit have been telling him that they want him to go back to the musical styles he used on his older material. I'm pretty old, myself—42. Also not quite ancient. But, getting there. My back hurts all the time. If you ever stand next to me while we're watching my kid's little league game, I'll tell you more about it.

Seeing as how the theme of Danny Brown's new album is the passage of time, we got to wondering, as we often get to doing around the Complex offices: What might a really old person might think of Danny Brown and his new album. A much older person than me or Danny Brown? A person who perhaps hadn't listened to so much of his music before. A person who was older than 70 years old.

We found one. She lives in Pennsylvania. She works as a professor at a university near there and she is a grandmother and she's 72. Seventy-two! Man, that's old! We asked her to listen to Danny Brown's new album and tell us what she thought about it. She said yes, and emailed her impressions of each song.

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