Back in May, word hit the 'Net that The Crystal Method's fifth album would be delayed due to Scott Kirkland's brain surgery. It looks like the five months since have been great to TCM, as they're ready to release their self-titled album, but it looks like they're going about it a different way. FundAnything, which seems to work similarly to Kickstarter, is where they're going to be selling it, and it looks like they've gone all out. For as little as $10, you can grab get a digital leak of The Crystal Method along with a special shout-out from the duo via Twitter. As the price goes up, you can get special prizes like t-shirts, custom USB drives, signed synthesizers, the opportunity to go on tour with the guys, and much, much more! There are already over 170 contributions, so get yours in today if you're trying to be a part of this!

As an added bonus, The Crystal Method has given away "Emulator," the first track on the new project, for free. This one bangs... hard, although it still maintains the synth melodies and musicality that made this duo so huge. Word from Magnetic Mag is that this one is only available for free for the weekend, so again, get on this early! The Crystal Method will be released in January of 2014.

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