If you've learned anything in 2013, it's that OWSLA is winning. Not only did they link up with Bromance to bring the French imprint to the US, but they've also helped release the I Am Legion project to American shores. In their latest coup, they'll be dropping "Ghetto Guetta," the latest tune from Crookers domestically, while his Ciao imprint will handle the international release. "Ghetto Guetta," outside of being a hilarious title, is a huge tune that Crookers crafted to fit the funny title that he came up with. As he told Billboard, "After I came up with that, then I tried to translate that wordplay into music. My idea behind making ‘Ghetto Guetta’ was to use a mainstream break, big chords against simple and effective brass and big drums." Everything he explained is right there, and he does it with a fun-loving style that fits perfectly with the kind of producer (and character) that he is. "Ghetto Guetta" will be out later this month.