Cam’ron is one of the most entertaining personalities hip-hop has ever seen. He says and does pretty much whatever he wants, it seems, full of the famous Harlem swag and the bravado of a modern day rap pirate. At his best, Cam rhymes with a colorful mix of humor, loopy nonsense, and tough-guy gangster talk—and enough witty wordplay to the stodgiest poetry professor take him seriously. From his infamous pink phase to classic lines like “computers putin’” to his ridiculous ignorant moments, Cam is well, Cam.

With his new mixtape, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 supposedly dropping today (with Cam, you never know) we began to wonder about what the Diplomats leader's vocabulary is really made of. So we gathered up all the lyrics to each of his six studio albums, stuffed them into the Word Cloud generator at the very enjoyable website, Wordle, and found out exactly. You know how word clouds work, right? The frequency of every word in each cloud is expressed in the size of the font for that word in the graphic. In these, each cloud represents an album.) As one would expect, “Killa” and “Cam” are writ large for every one. But there's other words were more surprised to see so prominantly. How interesting, for example that Cam likes "get" and "got" so much. What an aquisitonal mind he has!

Anway, check out these Wordclouds for Each of Cam'ron's Albums to see the lexical tendencies of one of rap's great vocabulists. KILLA! 

Written by Nicholas Sella (@therealnsella)

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