Ladies and gents, androids of all ages, the man known as Borgore is in celebration mode, and although he'd celebrate with a massive round of retweeting (bare) breasts and buttocks, we'd like to go a different route. While many write off his material for a number of reasons (from raunch to his approach to dubstep), Borgore has been one of the true punk rockers in the dance music scene. Taking ownership of "ruining dubstep," he set up his own imprint and decided to make that slight his mantra. Mixing crude humor with an ability to craft some of the most filthy basslines in the scene, Borgore has raked in accolades from all corners of the music community, aligning himself with Dim Mak, Diplo, Waka Flocka, and Carnage. He's the man that Miley Cyrus truly showcased her new look (and attitude) with, and has a dedicated fanbase that revels in his bass and hilarity.

Today, we take a look at the music that's made the man an infamous bass legend. He does what he wants, and definitely gets what he wants: take a look back at Borgore's infamy in sound.