God Is In The Spirit, the upcoming collaborative EP between Los Angeles rapper Blu and Virginia producer Nottz, is looking increasingly promising, as the duo shares the second single, "End of the World." Offering the same kind of soulful introspection that has marked his work since breakout album Below The Heavens, Blu meditates on his unusual path with lines like "I took a million steps, must have read a million scripts before I picked a role."

Meanwhile, Nottz evokes the perfect mystical aura for Blu's lyricism, incorporating synthesizer stabs and digital trills into the kind of straightforward boom-bap that has marked Blu's best work. Accentuated Rashad's spiritual crooning, it's new-agey in the best way.

Check it out below:

God Is In The Spirit is out October 22, and the whole thing looks promising. The full tracklist is as follows:

1. Boyz II Men (f/ Nitty Scott, MC)
2. Creme of the Crop (f/ Versis & ScienZe) 

3. Crooks in Castles (f/ ANTHM, Homeboy Sandman, Sene & Johaz)
4. End of the World (f/ Rashad) 

5. God Shit (f/ Aloe Blacc, Co$$ & Definite Mass) 

6. End of the World (f/ Nottz) (Remix)

[via Noisey]

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