Detroit's Black Milk released a music video for "Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst" tonight. The video centers around a main character who is raised by a God-fearing family, for whom church is an utmost priority. The first half of the double single, "Sunday's Best," finds the character in church as a boy, barely able to sit through the service and disinterested in the proceedings.

As the song transitions, the video shows the boy growing up and becoming a degenerate. He turns to a life of crime. "Monday's Worst" starts with the man getting ready to commit an armed robbery, trying to get an accomplice to help him out with the deed. However, he heads to the nighclub by himself with a gun and a black hoodie.

The main character's soon-to-be victim is shown inside the club, flirting with a girl and enjoying himself. As the man exits the club with the girl, he is confronted by the main character, who shoots him in order to take his chain. The video ends with people fleeing the club from an emergency exit, scared by the shooting.

"Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst" comes from Black Milk's upcoming album, No Poison No Paradise. The producer and rapper has appearances on this album from Black Thought, Robert Glasper, and Dwele, among others. This will be Black Milk's fifth full-length album, and follows Album Of The Year, which came out three years ago. No Poison No Paradise will be released October 15.

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