From: San Mateo, Calif.
Has Produced For: Metro Zu, Tyler Major, KC 2.0, Pyramid Vritra, Vince Staples, Lombardi & Luwees
Twitter: @JayCuePyramid
Signature Beat: Jay Cue f/ Tyler Major "Enjoy the View" (2013)

Jay Cue is a member of the loosely Odd Future affiliated Cali rap clique NRK, a.k.a. Nobody Really Knows. Jay's cultivated a hazy, synth-laced sound not that removed from his California rap brethren over releases like Pyramid Life and Visions of Utopia. As if his grasp on hip-hop isn't enough, he switched gears last year on Asleep at the Keys, a quick EP showing off his singing skills and surprising ease with R&B production.