Rap is always molting and changing. While the up-and-coming rappers who are making waves in the game are relatively easy to spot, it can be tough to spot the producers. In an era where mixtapes are prevalent but proper production credits aren't, it's hard to identify the beasts behind the board anchoring these MCs with dope beats. Which sucks because nowadays there's more and more people producing, especially because having original production on a mixtape has become commonplace (rather than flipping already popular beats). And thanks to the Internet, more producers are emerging from all over the map. 

So like we did last year and the year before, we've come to round up some of the new names making waves in hip-hop production this year. We've got new producers making strides on the mixtape circuit, established MCs trying their hands at crafting beats, co-producers making waves behind the scenes and more. Everyone here did great things this year, and we're eager to hear where their work will take them in the years to come. Here are 2013's 25 New Rap Producers To Watch For (presented in alphabetical order)...

Written by Craig Jenkins (@CraigSJ)

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