For true crate diggers, the image on the outside of the vinyl release was just as important as the music etched inside the grooves. The hope is always that the record isn't complete until you have an image that properly represents it. In the days of VSTs and Beatport, sound design and mastering can at times outweigh how people are branding their music, so we end up with labels that stick to a singular art aesthetic when it comes to releasing music. Impactful logos as single art can be impressive, but when it comes to fully-realized projects, you need to convey that statement immediately, which can be done perfectly with the proper image. This collection of cover art highlights when impressive beats meet striking visuals. Or all things just align, to the point where when a song from that project comes on, you can see the artwork inside your brain. In no particular order, these are the pieces of art we wouldn't mind having hanging in our homes.